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 Miller Farms has been your local, family owned farm since 1949. Did you know that every dollar you spend at a farm or local farmers market circulates through your local community 7 times? By purchasing local food and products you are helping to fuel the Colorado economy and keep our state strong. We hope that you will take some time to learn about our history and our products by browsing the site. Make sure to regularly check our website or Facebook Fan page for information on markets, festivals and other events by Miller Farms.
Today we do 40+ farmers markets weekly along the Front Range and in the mountains. We raise over 40 different types of vegetables here on the farm and we love to bring them to you fresh out of the field. Please visit us at a local farmers market or here at the farm, and for a listing of all locations and times we attend the markets see more...

Want to share in a piece of the farm? Join our CSA program and support the farm by helping us pay input costs early in the year. Reap the rewards and benefits and receive fresh produce all season long! By purchasing a share or half share of the farm you help us with the years start-up funding. Once the vegetables are coming along, you start going to a farmers market that we attend and pickup your vegetables each week, filling a half or full box of fresh produce for free. See more...

CSA Referral Rebate Program
Referrals = $$$$

We have come up with a GREAT idea that we wanted to pass along to you! Schools, 
 companies, and many types of affiliations are always looking for new ways to drive fund raisers and collect money for various projects or activities. This year the Millers have decided to introduce a new program to all of you involved in various fund raising activities, or to those of you who may want to start a group and receive not only wonderful fresh produce, but to also receive a special discount on Colorado’s favorite CSA program!   See more...

In the mid-1990’s we started our fall harvest festival. Today, this festival has turned into Colorado’s favorite harvest with thousands of folks attending each year. Everyone is welcome to come to our farm and be a farmer for a day! Come out and experience hands on harvesting and a huge festival complex. We have a huge corn maze, a jumping pillow; pedal tractors, a petting zoo and tons of other activities for your enjoyment. All of the activities and the vegetables you harvest are all included in your single admission price! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend a favorite Colorado tradition. We accept individuals, school groups and other parties 7 days a week starting Labor Day each year, and running through mid-November from 9AM-6PM daily. For complete fall festival details and rates see more...

Our family has over 100 years of history and tradition in Weld County. We have lived in the area since the late 1800’s, and our farm has been a real working farm since 1949. Early on we grew conventional crops like sugar beets, corn, pinto beans and alfalfa. We also had a small dairy farm on the property. In the 1950’s and 60’s we started raising vegetables and sold our produce along the roadside. This was done on the honor system. You came and took what you want and left money in a box by the stand. In the mid-1980’s we started attending farmers markets, and today we attend over 40 per week. For a complete history see more...
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