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Hello from Miller Farms, a Colorado treasure since 1949 located in Platteville, Colorado just north of Denver. Each year, we hold a Fall Harvest Festival and thousands of school children attend to learn about where their food comes from and to harvest their own fresh Colorado produce. They then get to take their produce home to enjoy it with their families.

*This will be your favorite field trip of the year*

Why should we visit Miller Farms? Our fall harvest festival is fun and educational. We offer hands on experience and teach about vegetables and how they are grown and harvested. Your students take a tractor ride to our fields and harvest fresh Colorado produce and a pumpkin! Watch in amazement as your students discover where their food actually comes from!

What will your students take home with them?
Not only will you and your students leave with the vegetables you’ve harvested, all of you will leave with a new found appreciation about farms and farming. Your students will have learned where their food comes from, how a farm works, and why they should support local farmers. You've done the work, now head home and enjoy your harvest!

What other Activities do we offer?
We have a giant jumping pillow, trains, planes, space ships, tractors, a fire truck, a monster truck, and the “cars” from the movie cars. We also have peddle tractors, a petting zoo, a corn maze, a dirt hill, a hay pyramid and plenty of room to eat lunch. Your students will have a fun and enjoyable learning experience!

What are the costs involved?  
The produce you harvest is included in your admission fee, as is our giant corn maze and all other activities. We charge $8.00 per student and chaperon, and the teachers and bus drivers are free! This field trip is a favorite of students, teachers, and parents alike!

Why support local farmers?
Did you know that YOU can be one of the most important parts of local agriculture; every dollar you spend at a farm or at a farmers market circulates through the local community seven times? Another benefit of buying local is knowing where your food comes from, how it’s grown, and who grew it.

*Eat Nutritiously, Buy Locally, and Be Healthy!*

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Come join us, and thank you for your support    
Miller Farms, a Colorado treasure since 1949!